Walleyes Unlimited Members Stand Strong


FWP reconsidering Helena-area fisheries plan after criticism from commission, UMR - Strong opposition from walleye anglers derailed a proposed management plan for reservoirs near Helena Wednesday, with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks agreeing to gather more public input before bringing the plan forward again.

Click on the link below to read the article from Tom Kuglin of Helena IR.

FWP reconsidering Helena-area fisheries plan after criticism from commission, anglers

Upper Missouri River Management Plan


Walleyes Unlimited and Upper Missouri River chapter members are asking for you comments and review of the proposed URM 10 year Management Plan. It is very important that we all submit our comments to the FWP website. The number of comments that they receive makes a major impact on their decision making. You can also send emails directly to Legislator Jacobson(Legislator for the Great Falls and surrounding area) and the rest of our State Representatives

Please contact your members and others and encourage them to send comments to the Commission at; fwcomm@mt.gov

The more we comments about our concerns that we submit the better chance we have of making a difference. As these State Officials stated there is power in numbers.

Click on the image below to go directly to FWP website and review the proposed documents.


It was discovered that on Wednesday October 15th, FWP is going to request approval from the Commission for them to send out drafts that would then be open for public comment. The problem is that the Upper Missouri River Chapter does not agree with some of the current regulation and changes on Canyon Ferry Lake and the Missouri River. They are requesting your assistance and that you send emails to the Commission asking for changes before going out for public comment. If enough people contact the Commissioner’s they might not approve the current draft and direct FWP to make revisions before it goes out for public comment.
#1; Eliminate the 3 inch experimental walleye gill nets.
Rational; These nets capture walleye that are 20 inch and larger. These fish are the anglers preferred size but are at a critical low abundance and therefore need to be conserved.
#2; Ask that the Upper Missouri River Lake Management Plan be adaptable on a yearly basis.
Rational; The current plan is only adaptable on a 3 year basis. That is not sufficient time to adapt to rapidly changing conditions.
#3; Eliminate the current “no possession limit” on walleye in the Missouri River below Holter dam.
Rational; The current regulation was approved by the Commission, it was a political decision, that was not recommended by FWP, and was not supported by FWP’s scientific data. FWP’s data confirmed that walleye were not negatively impacting the trout fishery.
#4; Make different fishing regulations on the Missouri River above Canyon Ferry Lake to Three Forks. The current regulations are the same as the lake, 20 walleye daily with only 1 over 20 inches and 40 in possession.
Rational; the river section is a different environment than the reservoir and therefore should not be jeopardized with the lake possession limits. The walleye regulations should be the same as the rest of Montana’s waters which is 5 walleye daily and 10 in possession.
#5; Mandatory catch and release perch in Canyon Ferry Reservoir from February 15th through November 15th.
Rational; Perch is the primary forage fish in the lake and are at extremely low levels and need protection. During the ice fishing season, perch are often retrieved from deep water and would not survive if released.

State Convention


The State Convention will be in Glendive hosted by WP, Mon-Dak, and Glendive Chapter's on March 23, 2019.